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The Corona epidemic has the world firmly in its grip. A vaccine is not yet available, although work is in progress to develop one.

Nevertheless, everyone can help to keep the danger of infection for themselves and others as low as possible and thus perhaps save lives.

And how is that possible?

It's very simple:

👏 Wash hands

When washing your hands, it is important to do it correctly and thoroughly: For 20-30 seconds carefully clean the inside and back of the hands, the spaces between the fingers, fingernails and thumbs under running water. A small mnemonic: Hum "Happy Birthday" twice in a row.

We want to help to contain the virus and therefore GIVE AWAY our hit Happy Birthday to you. Simply select "Happy Birthday" as the music style, enter the name of the birthday child and click on "Mix".

The birthday song is created for you WITHOUT CHARGE and WITHOUT ADVERTISEMENTS and you can share it, send it and give it away. Have fun and stay healthy!

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