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How it works

  1. Choose music style
  2. Enter the name of the birthday child
  3. Enter the age of the birthday child
  4. Enter your name
  5. Mix the song

You will receive a link, which you can post on Facebook, Twitter and in emails.

That's what it looks like in the end:
Take a look at the example

Load MP3

You can buy any mixed song from 1.99 $ as MP3 and download it immediately without ads and dubbings. A great present for the birthday child!
Here is the example

Song Editions

You can choose from the following editions - listen to them now!

Sunshine Swing Edition

Dance Edition

The SongCocktail App

Finally send birthday greetings from everywhere and anytime!

Our app is available in the AppStore and on the PlayStore and yes, we are a bit proud.

We hope you like it too! You have the choice between the cheap version for only €7,99, where all music styles and names are unlocked and you can also record your own greetings with the microphone.

Or you take the lite version with less music styles, and pay only €1,08 for each name. Of course you can also mix a song without a name.

With both versions you can take a picture with the camera and send it together with the song e.g. by mail.

On the PlayStore only the Lite version is available.

SongCocktail App
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SongCocktail Lite
Hol Dir SongCocktail Lite aus dem AppStore
Hol Dir SongCocktail aus dem PlayStore

And so it looks like

Create a birthday song easily, shoot a picture with your camera and send it by mail to the birthday child or post the song directly to the Facebook timeline. Here are some screenshots of the iOS App:

Screenshot of the start page of the app
Selection of music styles
Here you can select the name
Of course you can also choose your own names
Input of the age
The song can be shared in many ways

Our statement on Corona

👏 Wash hands

When washing your hands, it is important to do it correctly and thoroughly: For 20-30 seconds carefully clean the inside and back of the hands, the spaces between the fingers, fingernails and thumbs under running water. A little mnemonic: Hum "Happy Birthday" twice in a row.

SongCocktail App

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